You are different, and you deserve to look different.

Phumi Couture will dress you differently.

Phumi Couture is a Premium Brand, we dress people differently. We cut to perfection for business, occasions, or casual elegance. Discover flawless bespoke tailoring that not only makes you stand out but refuses to compromise on quality and class. We cater for your taste, sculpture clothing to your unique figure. If you are looking for fashion that embodies you, Phumi Couture is for you. We strive to create pieces that celebrate your individuality with a one-of-a-kind style because you are different. Phumi Couture – Be different. 


Custom-designed, tailored men’s and women’s suiting, high fashion couture, wedding gowns, prom dresses, and African print designs. Phumi Couture is an entity with culture, character, and personality. Our brand is about championing people, inspiring creativity, and our creativity-inspiring everything around us. Phumi Couture is about creating a diverse range of custom-designed clothing that complements your personality just as much as your appearance bringing out the different. 


I grew up in a family of fashion grandmasters. My grandmother used to make clothes, she passed on her passion for fashion to my mother and aunt, who took the trade further by attending sowing school. These women inspired my journey, they planted the seed and cultivated the passion in me. Dressmaking to my family was never a source of income only but it was more than that. I made clothes for myself and my friends, as more and more people saw my craft, they encouraged me to think bigger and live up to my talent. In 2017 I took my passion to another level and created Phumi Couture. Today, Phumi Couture’s doors are open, making people look different and live up to their potential by dressing them in confidence and style. 

If you woke up today thinking l got to look different, you want something custom-made, something formal, or something for the summer, we are here ready to transform your image and enhance your profession.

Look different. Be different

Phumi Couture